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3akai round two

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As a label for the front end design work for Sakai 3, ‘3akai’ is now frowned upon in all the important circles. Me, I still like it for twitter and texting, and the fact that no one knows how to approach it phonetically just cements its value in my view. ‘Course then there is the issue of whether it means anything anyone can identify. Probably going to have to give it up.

In any event, the next stage of serious design work for Sakai 3 is now really getting off the ground. CSU in Australia, UC Berkeley, HEC Montreal as well as 3akai veterans Cambridge and Georgia Tech have joined forces in sponsoring and supporting the work of a lead designer, Sam Peck. I expect to share fragments and insights as we stumble across them along the way. More polished announcements and presentations will probably go out to the Sakai community as well, but the blog can be my scrapbook where even half-formed an incorrect things can be tacked up.

Consider this a first installment. A couple of things that Sam has worked up during our conversations to help us be clear with each other what we’re talking about.

The Sakai Universe (click to see full image)

The Sakai Universe (click to see full image)

The Sakai Matrix, the first screen, is a kind of picture of the Sakai universe reminiscent of old diagrams in Science texts, like the ones that talk about different cosmological phases of the early universe. No? I guess we took different classes. Some of the graphics here are meant to be suggestive rather than precise (e.g. the lines of connection between types of users aren’t meant to show specific relationships), but if you don’t harp on the detail it’s a nice sweep of the ecosystem

The second one is an admirable representation of the regions of the Sakai application in the new UX framework. There are details in some of those little screens there to flesh out the picture, but the trick is not to get lost in them. It’s the overall picture and the regions that reveal different user journeys that I think is significant here. The area outside in ‘The World,’ for example, is meant to indicate the public representation of the internal site.

Sakai Regions and User Journeys (click to see full image)

Sakai Regions and User Journeys (click to see full image)

Not designs just yet, then, but good centerpieces and points of reference for discussion.


Written by khomotso

October 20, 2009 at 8:58 pm

Posted in Sakai

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  1. We should also mention that this picks up on the design work previously funded by Indiana University, University of Stockholm and the Sakai Foundation. Feel free to contact me if your institution would like to contribute to this effort by providing either resources or funding…

    Michael Korcuska

    October 21, 2009 at 3:06 pm

  2. Thanks for sharing this Clay. These visual aids are very useful in defining the scope of the work and generating discussions and ideas.

    Mathieu Plourde

    October 26, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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